I have been with Jennifer for nearly 7 years. She is objective while still being supportive, kind and encouraging. She has helped me with anything from work-related stressors, to relationship problems, to dealing with difficult family dynamics. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a listening ear!

—Meg J

Jennifer is an amazing therapist. I appreciated how, as a client in a difficult situation, she met me right where I was at – and helped me get to where I needed to be – with patience and understanding. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and has an energy that makes you feel immediately at ease – this helped with quickly establishing trust, which is so important in being able to move forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer Lorey and have heard nothing but fantastic things from anyone who has sought help from her.

—Ali H

Six years ago i met Jen. 2008 i walked in south Florida with my family completely done with me and me no hope of what the future held. Through this journey Jen showed me the truth showed me how to be ok with my self. but most important helped my family to see that they were needing to walk away in the healthy way to allow me to find the path i needed instead of them. I for so long never thought there was any sort of hope. Jen helped to challenge me. she also helped me with an eating disorder that i struggled with for so long. she helped with a meal plan and continues to show me that i don’t have to use my eating disorder as a way to resolve my problems. But most important she is inspiration to me and my family. When at times she should have given up me she didn’t. IF there is one person that i am grateful that god planted in my journey Jen is that person. Because is true to her profession but also a Role model for me. I thank you for honestly your truth and for giving me the challenge i needed. I hope others who encounter Jen realize just how amazing she is for her profession but her attention to detail and only wanted you to have the path that you deserve. But realize You have to do the work she will take you on the Journey you work for. Thank you Jen for dedication to your profession for the gift you have shared because I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. God bless

—Brad P

Jen is top notch. Shes extremely kind and compassionate but doesn’t fall for b.s. If you struggle with addiction, self destructive behaviors, family problems, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, grief, etc, she can provide a supportive and informative setting to process your issues. She’s honest, non judgmental, intelligent, and committed. I’m grateful to work with her and if you are looking for a therapist you would be very wise to give her a call.

—Lex A

My name is Jordan and I have been seeing Jennifer Lorey for 2 years now. Jennifer has helped me through things I never thought were possible, and has always since day one been there for me for anything I have ever needed. She has been the best therapist I have ever seen, and also an amazing friend. I had a lot of abandonment issues and a slew of cognitive issues when I first met Jennifer. Today I have been sober over 2 years, I am a person of true confidence and integrity. This is nothing short of a miracle given my past, and I cant see any way I would be the man I am today without the intensive therapy and companionship that was given to me free handedly by the most amazing therapist and friend in the world, Jennifer Lorey!

—Allison J

Shes very helpful. Shes tough but gives you the truth you need.

—Candice G

I recommend Jennifer Lorey!! Most definitely an expert in her field. Her knowledge and clinical integrity is an asset to her clients. She is supportive and consistent. Just what someone needs in early recovery and in life.

—Carrie C

Jennifer Lorey and her style of therapy have helped me break down so many barriers in my life ,helped me on my way to becoming the man I know I am capable of being. Forever grateful!!

—Sal R

Jen is the best of the best!

—Amanda T

Jennifer is definitely one of the best therapists I have worked it. Her broad scope of knowledge was so helpful in treating many of the issues I was battling. She challenged to look at and face several issues but is so caring and compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking therapy.

—Mikaela K

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