Services Jennifer Lorey, LCSW, CEDS Boca Raton, FL
I offer individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy and group therapy. If you are unable to visit my office I offer sessions via Skype. I am also a CEU provider and a certificed clinical supervisor for social work interns.

Individual Therapy

“Individual therapy is the first step in allowing someone to help. It should be a safe environment where clients share openly and honestly, allowing themselves to take risks they may not otherwise be willing to take.”     Read More

Family Therapy

“There is rarely a client that I work with where the family is not also in the “room” in some way shape or form. Our family of origin shapes us and helping to decipher, dissect, and interpret the family of origin issues is what provides a clinician with the most ammunition to fight the struggles of the client, with the client.”     Read More

Couples Therapy

“When working with couples, it is most important to remember that while they are a unit, there are also two individual people who are hurting and need help.”     Read More

Group Therapy

“The power of the group is unlike any other therapeutic experience.  Watching a group become a cohesive unit is what makes the work so special.”      Read More

Skype Sessions

Research has shown that online therapy can be equally as beneficial to clients as face to face therapy. In today’s world, many people are unable to get to a therapists office for a varied amount of reasons.    Read More

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