Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

 “When working with couples, it is most important to remember that while they are a unit, there are also two individual people who are hurting and need help”.

Jennifer provides couples therapy for those couples who are married, not married, experiencing conflict, have difficulty with conflict resolution, communication issues, intimacy issues, early relationship problems, in addition to a multitude of other difficulties that couples can face.  Jennifer will work with a couple and refer out for individual therapy if is determined that this would be beneficial.  Couples therapy is held for a duration of 60 to 90 minutes and routinely held on a weekly basis. If in crisis, couples may come more frequently until the initial crisis period has resolved.  Each couple will work directly with Jennifer to formulate a plan that best reflects their needs.

Seeking therapy as a couple is a step in the right direction, all too often couples give up before attempting to work through the issues that may seem insurmountable.  When entering into couple’s therapy you are giving yourself and your loved one an opportunity to make a change.  Nothing changes if nothing changes and this can be an opportunity for you both.

Couples Therapy - Jennifer Lorey, LCSW, CEDS

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